Happy Friday

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Friday!  I'm not sure if the short week made time fly or not, but I know I'll never complain about the arrival of the weekend.  We don't have too much on our agenda this weekend, and I'm excited.  We'll celebrate with my niece at her graduation, grab dinner with some new friends, brunch with others, and try to find a way to wind down from what's been an exceptionally stressful and taxing week in the world of hero manufacturing.  

What's your plan for the weekend?  Here are some ideas from my favorite bloggers just in case you need a little inspiration...

Grab a few of Morgan's #ThriftyThursday picks.

Whip up one of these courtesy of Natalie.

Check out Ashley's perfectly curated loves.  Makes me feel like SUMMER!

Read this challenging and poignant post from Carmel.  Especially if you have young girls.

Start planning your best instagram shots now for this fun challenge with Allie.

Check out the gorgeous photography on Natalie's blog.  Try not to drool over the Memorial Day low country boil.

Check out Annie's amazing #MidWeekMuse outfit here.  AND, link up with us next week!



  1. Awww, you're too sweet, Annie! Thanks for linking up to me. Happy Friday!! xo!


  2. Love your link list and you are a doll to link up with my Mid Week Muse outfit!! Have a great weekend. xoxo