Favorite Things: Summer Budget Picks

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FRIDAY!  I am super excited for the weekend - it's supposed to be gorgeous around here.  All of this warm weather has me fast forwarding from spring straight into summer, and my favorite things this week reflect that shift.  For me, summer is the time to wear the colors that I avoid all fall and winter, and it's a great time to find cute items for less.  (Who really wants to sweat in an expensive outfit?!) Luckily for me, I stopped into H&M a few weeks ago while we were in Charleston and spied TONS of cute summer items at great prices.  

For full disclosure, I've avoided H&M my whole life, and this was only my second or third time in a store.  It's always felt a little overwhelming to me, and I've struggled with the sizing, fabrics, etc.  In Charleston, however, I had the entire day ahead of me, sister-in-laws to give opinions, and I was up for a challenge.  The verdict?  Loved it.  

So, in honor of my new found love for H&M, I bring you this week's Favorite Things.  Everything here is from the H&M website, and none of it will break the bank.  In fact, it might be worth it to stock up on multiples of some of these guys - hello, sunglasses - summer's coming and you don't want to be unprepared!

Tell me, are there any stores you've tried to avoid and then later turned out to love?

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  1. I adore that kaftan! So versatile