Weekend Updates

Did you have a wonderful weekend?  Ours was beautiful.  Literally, not a cloud in the sky, and perfect temperatures all weekend long.  It was one where you wish you could just freeze time (and humidity), for at least another week or two.  Luckily, we had a few chances to head outside and enjoy the gorgeousness in between baby showers, work meetings, and getting ready for the week.

On Saturday, we showered one of my oldest and dearest "momma to be" friends.  She is already an incredible mom to another sweet little lady, and I know she will love having another little girl in the mix.  We've had lots and lots of baby showers recently, and they it's always so special to spend some time celebrating before a new baby arrives.  We took over a local restaurant for brunch, and I'm still dreaming about the cheese grits...

Pink and White Favors
Momma to Be
It's a Girl!
On Saturdays - We Wear Lavender.  Love you, S.  
With the Grandmothers.
Shower Hosts with the Momma to Be!

Saturday afternoon and evening was devoted to HeroMe.  Our project manager from the sourcing company drove 7.5 hours to meet with us before hitting the road home again.  We convinced him to have a quick dinner with us before heading back to I-95, and we took him to a local BBQ place.  Only once we were seated did we realized that Florida BBQ might not stack up to Carolina BBQ (or Mid-Western ribs), but he gave it his seal of approval.  It was a long day, but things are moving and I'm so thankful for the dedication, advice, and support that HeroMe is receiving. 

Sneak Peak of HeroMe Leg Samples.
On Sunday we woke up to another gorgeous day.  I did a little meal planning over coffee, we had some lemon ricotta pancakes, then we tried out a new church across town.  After lunch we met R+S+K+Baby R for lunch, and savored catching up.  

Coffee and Meal Planning
The afternoon was full of exploring a new building supply salvage place, errands, and long walks to enjoy the beautiful day.  

Echo Designs... a salvage lover's dream.  
I got to try a few new recipes on Sunday night, and I promise to share them with you all soon.  

A Savory (Gluten Free) Muffin

Fancy (but still weeknight) green beans
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I leave you with this thought for the week.  How true...



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  1. Such a pretty shower y’all hosted! Those green beans look awesome, can’t wait for the recipe!