April Recap

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Instead of the margaritas and guacamole post that you might be expecting today, I'm finally posting my April recap.  I love all of the memories that came out of a quick and exhausting month.  From Adam and Angie's wedding weekend in Charlotte, to a mini-family vacation in Charleston, to West Palm Beach for Easter, April was packed.  Our one weekend in town was spent showering two momma's to be, visiting historic homes on the Riverside/Avondale home tour, and catching up with a friend who's moving soon.  Throw in the birth of a sweet baby girl (Love you, AGT), and ramping up HeroMe, and we haven't had much down time around here.   

I'm feeling thankful for plenty of celebrations and fun, but I'm also very grateful for a few weekends at home to recover.
Maybe I'll even bust out the margaritas and guacamole...



  1. Margaritas help with everything!

  2. I can't believe April is gone and we're now halfway through May!

    PS- I love the dress you are wearing in the top right pic!