Favorite Things: Cold Weather Running Gear

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I've been getting serious with my training for the River Run lately, and it has me thinking about some of my favorite things for cold(er) weather running.  If truth be told, I much prefer running in the sweltering heat to cold temperatures; must be the Florida girl in me!  With a race looming, however, cold weather can't be a reason to skip a workout.  Now I know none of this gear would actually get me through the truly cold temps most of the country is facing, but it's usually just right for chilly mornings in Florida.    

Nike running tights are my constants - they don't slip down and they offer the perfect amount of warmth.  I also rely on wicking layers (like this sports bra and tank top) since temperatures can change so quickly here in the Sunshine State.  I'm obsessed with this striped top, but it is so cute I might just save it for those days when I wear workout clothes as my "real clothes."  I finish things off with a favorite pair of running shoes, a bright vest for visibility, and an ear warmer headband (if its really, really cold.)  Finally, I always take my Garmin with me as I head out the door.  It keeps track of my distance and my pace, and it even has an alert feature that tells you if you are "behind, on, or ahead" of the pace you set for the run.  

What gear do you rely on for your cold weather workouts?



  1. I haven't tried the Nike running tights, but they sound great! I have leggings/tights that don't stay put. Gap Fit makes some of my favorite pairs!

  2. Love this board! And I just picked up that gapfit striped top... love it!