Closet Consult: White Leather Jacket

I am excited to share a peek into one of my first "closet consults" today!  The consult was a quick one, and was based around this white leather jacket.  It's more of an investment piece, so the goal was to verify that it wasn't too trendy or too one dimensional.  
After discussing the merits of white leather (Hello, all 4 seasons!!), I got down to business styling the jackets for different occasions.  My rule, and I promise you will hear it again, is the rule of two.  Meaning, you must be able to wear an investment piece (or any piece) in two of three settings that are applicable to your life.  So for me, this would mean daily life, out to dinner, or to church.  If a piece can be used in two of the three situations it's worth the investment.*  

This jacket got styled in five different ways, but this everyday look was one of my favorites. 
My Verdict: a good investment! 

 top // jeans // shoes // bracelet // clutch

*NOTE: you should actually love the piece and plan to wear it more than once to justify this theory.  

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