2013: Year in Review

L to R by line
mountain spring Break // birthday in chapel hill // keswick hall weekend // walks with mac in chapel hill
last day of law school // graduation // mother's day brunch // moved from sprunt st. // new house in jacksonville
mimi's 80th // magnolia ball // "war room" for bar study // post bar exam drink // adam gillespie adams, v
sweet friends on a special day // swearing in // florida v. georgia tailgate // josh in china // cousin thanksgiving
lots of babies and a few more on the way // holiday pops with r + s // christmas ball // godparents to baby lep // 9 years

I know we are days into 2014, but I'm still a little behind from the holidays and can't let go of 2013 without a moment of reflection.  While there have been plenty of years in recent memory that have featured major events, 2013 may just take the cake when it comes to big things.  Between saying goodbye to Chapel Hill friends and family, moving to Florida, graduating from law school, taking the bar exam, searching for jobs, and Josh working so hard to start HeroMe, 2013 rarely featured a dull moment.  

Though there were plenty of wonderful and exciting times, 2013 has really stands out as a year of change and transition.  Despite changes in location and occupation, however, we have been blessed by the love and constancy of family and friends.  We reflect almost daily on how lucky we are to be surrounded by so much love and support from near and far.  We are thankful for each of you, and we want you to know that whether we talk daily or only once a year, you are never far from our thoughts.  

Sending love and best wishes for a happy, healthy, (and maybe a little more settled) 2014!



  1. 2013 broughts lots of changes and good things and I'm sure 2014 will bring many more great things! Happy new year! xx

  2. Hey girl! Looks like a crazy and fun 2013!! I hope 2014 brings you the same love, peace, health & happiness! Let's get together for a run sometime soon!