Dining Room Lighting

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Josh and I have started to take a more active approach to making this house our own, and as a result, we I have decided to do some decorating.  We have been holding off on making many changes or purchases because we thought we might have some big construction headed our way.  With construction a long way off, however, we've decided to concentrate on making small decor changes to give the house our personal touch, and lighting has been on my mind.

The dining room in our house (currently my office) is in desperate need of a light fixture.  We have narrowed down our paint color, we have curtains, and now we just need a rug and light to make the room feel a little less empty.  We have a very traditional home, and I think a more modern and unique light fixture in the dining room will be a great contrast.  The room is very neutral (shocker I know), so a punch of gold with a unique look will really brighten up the space.  These are a few of my favorite options, but if you know of any with a similar look (on a budget for a gal who is still job hunting) send them my way!

PS: I'm dying to see Josh's reaction to these choices... I'll keep you posted!


  1. These are so pretty! #3 may be my favorite!


  2. I love your choice from Layla Grayce! That's my favorite too. I have seen some good ones around similar to this style, but I forget which websites. Take a look at Shades of Light...Sometimes they surprise me with some good ones, but not always too inexpensive. Good luck on the updating!!