weekend happiness

Good Monday morning!  

if only...
I wish I had amazing stories to relate from a weekend of "welcoming December," but alas, I spent most of my waking hours studying for finals.  My first exam is tomorrow, which means that it is extra important to focus on the little things that bring happiness so as not to be consumed by the stress.  (Whoever said third year of law school would be boring and easy may not have been telling the truth...)

evidence of my studying...hands covered in highlighter and different colored pens!
Luckily for me, Christmas brings lots of happiness! Decorating our tree, hanging our stockings, switching to our Christmas china...and of course listening to Christmas music are all great distractions from studying.

christmas tree

stocking and my favorite creche

even mac gets "decorated" with his christmas collar
And, just so you don't feel TOO bad for me with all my studying, here are a few more things I am feeling happy about:

1. Today is my brother-in-laws birthday!  Happy Happy to Jeff!

2. Everything is 40% off at the JCrew Factory Outlet with code XOFACTORY until December 5.

3. I figured out how to add a "follower" link to my blog!  I know it has taken me a while, but all of my brain cells have been devoted to finishing this semester.  If you like the blog, please take a minute to click the "join this site" link on the right hand side of the blog.

4.  We had cookies for breakfast on Saturday...how can that not make you happy?  Check back tomorrow for the recipe!
breakfast cookies


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