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Good Morning! When I was thinking about today's post, coming up with things I am thankful for was easy.  The hard part was narrowing it down!  I think it has something to do with coming out of the fog of finals and enjoying all the little things in life I haven't been recognizing in the midst of papers and books.  So, today, here are the two "little" things that are making me immensely thankful.

1. Listening to Christmas Music- with words!  I have been listening to "Classical Christmas" on Pandora for weeks while I have been studying so actually hearing the words to my favorite songs is so fun.  My all time favorite, Faith Hill's "O Holy Night" has been on repeat!  Here are my picks of the season... do you have any favorites I should check out?

2. Burning my Frasier Fir candle- and not feeling out of season!  This is my favorite smell and I literally burn it in my house year-round.  BUT, for about 30 days of the year, burning it makes sense and we are smack dab in the middle of those days.  Go pick up one (or three) today... I promise you'll love it and you might even burn it into the new year!

Finally, thank you so much for the great response to yesterday's post!  I am glad so many of you enjoyed the outfit inspirations and by request I have included links to the items below.  I would love to know your favorites and what you all decide on this season!

sweater // pants // trench
flats // bag // studs // necklace

necklace // pants // sweater (sold out) similar here and here
shoes // bag (color sold out) other colors here

pjs // scarf // robe // slippers // mug
dress // clutch // earrings // shoes // watch // bracelet

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