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Thursdays at "ann elliott" are usually devoted to being thankful.  Today, I am immensely thankful for the chance to tell you about a way you can give back during this holiday season that is quick, easy, and free!

Gateway Community Services is a nonprofit in Jacksonville, Florida that offers support to individuals and families struggling with many forms of addiction.  From prevention, to detoxification, to family counseling and transitional care, Gateway Community services provides care and support to individuals and their families when they need it the most.

Gateway Community Services offers its award winning care in a motel built in the 1960s.  Clients and their children live in the motel rooms while receiving treatment.  Although the grounds surrounding the building were recently renovated and beautified, the residential facilities look old and outdated.  This is where you can help...

Performance Painting Contractors is currently accepting votes for a nonprofit in Northeast Florida to receive a free makeover, including painting, labor, and materials.   Please take a moment and cast your vote for Gateway Community Services (#2) to receive the makeover!

Hurry though, voting ends Sunday, December 9.  

Thank you for your support!  


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