being a house guest

Happy Wednesday!  We are in the final count until Christmas and today I thought I would share a few of my tips about being a houseguest.  Many people travel for the holiday, but even if you aren't traveling this Christmas, keep these ideas in mind for the next time you find yourself as a guest in someone else's home...

Bring a hostess gift.  Your hostess has likely spent considerable time preparing for your visit.  recognize her generosity by bringing a small, thoughtful gift.  Check out a few of my favorite hostess gift picks for this holiday season here


Be tidy.  This means make your bed, hang your towels, and generally keep your items in your room not scattered throughout the house.  On your last day, strip the bed sheets and pile your used towels so the hostess can easily determine what needs to be washed and refreshed.


Make yourself scarce for an hour or two each day.  Go take a nap, read a book, take a walk, or do something that gives your host or hostess a chance to tend to things they cannot get to while they are entertaining.


Say thank you.  I like to bring a note card and leave a thank you note on the bedside table for the hostess but it is perfectly acceptable to send one after you get home as well.  Notice that the note should be written, not an email or e-card...these are not substitutes for a thoughtful, handwritten note... ever.  


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