weekend (and some of last week) updates

Hi All!  I've missed you terribly!  I am so sorry for not posting more last week- things got a little crazy and something had to give.  I know it sounds pitiful, but I came down with a cold that knocked me out... literally, I was in bed for a good day and a half.  This was an act of discipline for me because there is something about having a cold that makes me feel like I should still be up and going- it's not the flu or strep throat- just a little cold right?!  Not this time.  Anyway.... here are a few of the things that have been happening pre and post my self imposed downtime.

We had our Pro Bono Alumni Celebration!  For those of you that don't know, February 7 was a huge day of events at the law school- an alumni speaker's panel, an alumni board meeting, and a reception with alumni, students, and faculty.  The day went beautifully and I think everyone had a great time.  I for one was just so glad we made it through...and that the cold didn't hit in full force until later that evening!  I will have to post pictures later though- one of our Pro Bono Board members took pictures that evening and I didn't get any on my camera!

our reception didn't look quite like this, but I thought this was pretty...

The entirety of Friday was spent in my pajamas and on the couch.  I did finish up a paper that was due that afternoon, but beyond that, I literally slept as much as possible.  Good thing I had my super soft and cozy pair of pjs that I told you about here.

Got to eat a delicious breakfast (courtesy of Josh) on Saturday.  Nothing like a chocolate croissant and an egg-in-a-hole to make me feel better!

Saturday night I rallied and went to a law school party.  The theme was "Our Great State: celebrating NC- the state that brought us all together."  It was a costume party and for a bunch of less than creative types, we law students went all out.  Here are a few shots from the evening...can you tell what everyone is?  (Lot's of plays on words... if you get stumped just check the captions.)
cape hatteras, venus fly trap, interstate 40, cardinal (NC's official bird)

me and my cardinal

my favorite play on words...collard greens and pulled pork!
NC...home of krispy kreme donuts...and anna!
law school beauties...venus fly trap, moonshine, pulled pork, and burt's bees

This weekend my brother-in-law Cotton taught a Sunday School class at our church.  I hadn't been to an actual Sunday School class in ages and it was so fun to see him lead the group.  He teaches English at a local high school (in addition to his numerous administrative duties) and he led a discussion about Wendell Berry's "Mad Farmer" poems.  I will be the first to admit that I am not usually into poetry, but Cotton did a fabulous job and I really enjoyed the class.  (It was also fun to get a glimpse into what his life as a teacher must be like!)  One of his discussion prompts was "what sticks with you" and I thought I would leave you with a few of the lines that "stuck with me."  I took some of them to mean something a little different than the author likely did in context of the entire poem, but in or out of context I think they are powerful and will be good reminders for me this week.

I hope you had a fabulous end to your week and a great weekend!  Thanks for sticking with me while I was away.


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