weekend recap

First and foremost...HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA!  I can't believe my baby sister is nineteen today.  I will always remember waking up February 25 all those years ago and Meemaw telling me you had been born.  I was so excited to get a baby sister and I am so proud of the woman you have grown up to be.  You are beautiful and caring and I am so thankful that you are my chicken little.  Wishing you a happy day today and sending all my love!
happy birthday rebecca!

As I write this, my "busy season" in law school is officially behind me.  With two back to back events this month (Pro Bono and Craven Moot Court Competition), it has been a whirlwind, but I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work with such fabulous teams of people.  While I am grateful for my experiences, I must say, I am ecstatic for a little more free time in the coming weeks.  Thank you all for the love and support.
blurry iphone pics from the craven competition banquet at the carolina inn.
After the Craven Competition ended on Saturday afternoon, I spent some quality time in my slippers on my couch.  I literally didn't do anything!  Josh and I had plans to go out for dinner and drinks at one of our favorite restaurants, but even that seemed like more effort than it was worth once I was firmly planted on the couch.  Josh got us take-out chinese and then surprised me by replicating one of my favorite drinks from the restaurant we did not patronize on Saturday.  He called it the "Carolina Ginger" and I must say it was very tasty... and pink!
carolina ginger compliments of josh
Sunday I woke up feeling so rested and relaxed- AND it was the most beautiful day we have had all spring.  The sun was shining and it was warm enough to go out without a coat and boots...blissful!  After a quick run with Mac, Josh and I attempted to go to brunch at a french restaurant we have been dying to try.  When we arrived it was closed for construction, so we improvised and went to an Italian Restaurant, 411 West and tried their brunch.  While I missed the french brunch, 411 did NOT disappoint.  We had beignets and benedict and left feeling spoiled rotten.
beignets at brunch...notice the bite taken out of one...couldn't get my camera out fast enough!
With all that has been going on this semester, I haven't had much time to bake.  I tried to remedy this on Sunday afternoon by making the macaroon recipe I shared with you here.  I must say, I have a ways to go before I become a french pastry chef, but the macaroons were edible and made for a VERY sweet dessert on Sunday night.  I did have a mis-step along the way with the macaroon filing, but the mistake became the base for a "strawberries and cream" cake so it worked out well...stay tuned for a recipe if I can re-create the original mistake.

strawberry macaroons
Finally, I have been hearing rave reviews about Revlon's "lip butter" lipstick.  The grocery store had them on sale Sunday so I grabbed three colors and I am SO glad I did!  They go on so easily and provide tons of moisture for your lips.  The color range it fantastic and the colors go on sheer for a subtle look or can be layered for more drama.  I stuck with the pink colors, but I may head back to stock up on some more- seriously...try these!

lip butter...#90 "sweet tart" is my favorite, but be warned, it is bright!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I'd love to hear about it in the comments section! 


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