wedding registry: choosing your everyday china

Good Morning!  After a little de-railment last week (hello no internet when I woke up Wednesday am?!) I am back to start off my new "wedding registry" series.  I know registering can be an intimidating and daunting task, but it can also be fun and not stressful- I promise.  One of the first things many couples decide on when they start their registry is everyday china, so this is where we will start our series.  (Note this post pertains to "everyday"china- check back next week for a post on fine china, silver, crystal, etc.)  

To get us off on the right foot, here are my 3  things to keep in mind when registering for your everyday china:

1. Food looks best served on white or off-white, solid pieces.  It is also easier to mix in colored and printed napkins and serving pieces if you have a solid and neutral base.  This is not to say that if you love blue and white pieces,  pattern, or a certain color you shouldn't register for it, but if you are undecided or indifferent, I would recommend white.  


2. Chose something you love, but don't worry about whether it is something you will love forever and EVER...this will be used everyday and will likely be chipped and replaced by the time you have at least a few little ones.  Do try to chose something that you won't be tired of in the next few months though.

Probably not the best choice for longevity's sake

3. Versatility and utility are KEY when choosing your everyday china.  The perfect china will be micro-wave, oven, and dishwasher safe AND have lots of matching serving pieces in a variety of sizes.

microwave / oven / dishwasher

4. Pottery is beautiful but can be heavy and chip easily.  It is a great option for some, but remember the plates will get heavier and heavier every time you have to lift the stack in and out of those high kitchen cabinet.  Keep this in mind if you are considering Vietri...


Keeping these tips in mind, here are my top picks for everyday china...

Remember, I will be answering questions about wedding registries each Wednesday.  Feel free to leave me a comment, send me an email, or check out the "Wedding Registry" tab at the top of my blog to leave your question!  



  1. All 3 of your picks are gorgeous! I like how they're all classic, yet have a little something to them.