homemade sushi and barrister's ball

Good Morning!  Did you have a fabulous weekend?  It always goes by too fast around here, but I am told that happens no matter where you are!

So, I am hoping this weekend was my last real brush with winter before we move to sunnier and warmer climates.  I know, I know...I feel like I am always complaining posting about the weather, but we went from 70 and sunny on Friday to SNOW on Saturday morning.  I walked to the gym at 7 am it was cloudy and cool, and by 8 am on my walk home from the gym it had dropped about 10 degrees and had started to snow!  BUT, it wasn't cold enough for the snow to stick- so it looked like it was pouring, but pouring snow.  Crazy around here...crazy.

just about sums it up...Florida is calling my name!

Anyway, on Friday night Josh went gourmet and visited three different grocery stores to find ingredients to make sushi!  Doesn't this look delicious?!  We weren't very good at getting the sushi to stay in one piece (hence the picture only has two lonely looking pieces) but it tasted fabulous.  Do you all make sushi?  Do you know how to keep it from falling apart?!

Saturday we had our annual law prom, also known as "barrister's ball."  It was fun to pull out cocktail dresses and makeup after months of jeans...though I could have used a little Jergen's tanner if I had really planned ahead!  I had to laugh as I pulled out my cocktail dresses- I definitely had my "wedding phase" a few years ago when all cocktail dresses were one shouldered.  I think I had four "one shouldered wonders" in all different colors!

me and my cute date

law school girls at dinner
This week marks the last big "extra-curricular" push of my law school career.  It is bittersweet to have so much of my law school career coming to an end.  While I am excited for more free time after this week, it will be a little strange to have less and less to do as the semester progresses.  Thanks for all the love and support- one more push this week and then spring break is on the horizon!



  1. You look gorgeous!!! I'm really impressed with Josh's cooking skills (as well as his Excel prowess). Enjoy. xoxoxoxo

  2. you look beautiful annie! hope the ball was so fun!