Reflecting v. 2

Happy Monday, friends.  I hope you enjoyed last week's guest bloggers.  The community of bloggers is an amazing thing, and it's one of the things I most enjoy about blogging.  A special thanks to Becky, Natalie, Ashley, and Allie.  
AND, stay tuned - I have another special guest post coming up later this week.  

In the meantime, it's been a long time since I've done a "reflecting" post.  My last one was just after Thanksgiving (see it here), so I'm long overdue.  I love these little snapshots of life, and I'm hoping to do this type of post more often going forward.  

Making: a needlepoint belt for Josh.  Not sure what I was thinking taking this one on.
Cooking: recipes with lots of peaches.
Drinking: grapefruit izze.
Reading: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella.  Taking recommendations for something new!
Wanting: a king size bed.
Looking: for clothing that feels like fall, but is still appropriate for 94 degrees and 80% humidity!
Playing: NY Times Crosswords app.
Sewing: nothing.  Does needlepoint count?  
Wishing: for a little certainty on the career/business front.
Enjoying: early evening swimming sessions with the puppy and Josh.
Waiting: to do some house renovations.
Liking: paper products of all kinds.  I've been obsessed with sugar paper products lately.
Wondering: when I will finally feel like I'm settled in Jacksonville.
Loving: fresh mozzarella cheese.
Hoping: for a successful Kickstarter campaign for HeroMe in a few weeks!
Marveling: at the difference a year can make.  So thankful to have had a summer free from Bar Exam studying!
Needing: Ben and Jerry's coffee toffee crunch ice cream and a new HVAC.
Smelling: St. Tropez self tanner.  It's my new favorite beauty product and my secret to a little Florida glow.
Wearing: white jeans from now until Labor Day.
Noticing: how quiet our house is first thing in the morning.
Knowing: that nothing makes me happier than a quiet night on the couch with Josh. 
Feeling: energized and excited about tackling lots and lots of work in the weeks ahead.
Thinking: about how quickly this year is passing.
Bookmarking: favorite quotes and beautiful interiors.
Wrapping: baby gifts - lots and lots of baby gifts.  
Giggling: at Jimmy Fallon, Pete Nelson's antics on Treehouse Masters (Josh's show, not mine), and every Wednesday for sushi night with Simmons and Russell.  



  1. Thanks again for having me Ann! I’m looking for the same type of clothing... it’s hard!

  2. Your blog? Seems pretty surreal, superficial, dear; follow us if you wanna live...

    The more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you.
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague