Happy Day after Thanksgiving.  I am sitting in the quiet of my house recovering from too much turkey and a VERY late night with family.  Yesterday was a wonderful day, and I am blessed beyond measure, but I am happy for a moment of quiet.  Rather than featuring a "Black Friday Shopping Guide" today, I thought I would take a moment to take a little "inventory" of life.  I saw this list several months ago on Sydney's blog, and thought it was a perfect way to memorialize otherwise fleeting times and thoughts.  

Making: nothing right now.  I just finished several house projects in anticipation of Thanksgiving, and I'm sure some Christmas DIYs will be coming soon.
Cooking: nothing.  I'm recovering from an overload of Thanksgiving treats.  When I end the boycott, I envision new, healthy dishes featuring our greens from Black Hog Farm.
Drinking: blonde coffee with a little skim milk.  
Reading: Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen (my least favorite of her novels.)  About to start Dan Brown's Inferno.
Wanting: a sectional for our Florida room, a new washer and dryer, and a few cozy rugs.
Looking: forward to picking out our Christmas tree!
Playing: O Holy Night by Faith Hill- on repeat all month.
Sewing: curtains for our living room.  Though, I'm more providing the encouragement to my sweet momma as she does the actual labor of sewing.  
Wishing: for life to slow down.  Also, for HeroMe to be successful, exciting, and something Josh continues to enjoy.
Enjoying: Saturday mornings on the couch with Josh, drinking coffee, talking about nothing and everything.
Waiting: for the A/C and Heater repair man.  Our house is COLD upstairs!
Liking: living so close to most of our family.  (Missing our Chapel Hill counterparts though.)
Wondering: what it will be like to wake up in my own bed, in my own house on Christmas morning.
Loving: Mac's new "haircut."  He looks so cute with short ears.  
Hoping: for a satisfying, challenging job.
Marveling: at how small changes in decor can make a house feel totally different.
Needing: manchego cheese, crusty bread and castlevetrano olives...always.
Smelling: a frasier fir candle.  This time of year I can burn them without shame!
Wearing: leggings, boots, and a flowy shirt as often as possible while the weather is chilly.
Noticing: the light shimmering on the pool behind me.
Knowing: that nothing makes me happier than a quiet night on the couch with Josh.
Feeling: stuffed, tired, and so content.
Thinking: about the to do list for our house that is always running in my head.
Bookmarking: favorite quotes.
Wrapping: baby gifts for so many friends and their sweet little ones.
Giggling: at SNL, How I Met Your Mother, and anytime I am with Reagan.
Feeling: peaceful, happy, blessed.

Happy Weekend, Friends.



  1. LOVE this! Couldn't help but make my own version as well! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Em! I love your version, and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo

  2. such a great idea for a post. love this annie