thought for the week: grateful

Happy Thanksgiving week!  Despite long lines at the grocery store and an ever growing to-do list, I am so excited for Thanksgiving.  I can't wait for the family to be together, friends to come back to town and delicious popovers and cranberry sauce to adorn the table.  Even better though is an entire day devoted to being grateful.  It is so easy to get caught up in the madness of consumerism, a cycle of dissatisfaction, or just living life without realizing how blessed we are in each moment.  

At church this weekend, the minister said something that really struck me.  He said everyday in this country, we have opportunities and blessings that other people cannot even fathom.  We have food, shelter, education, and the opportunity to better our situation- every. single. day.  When I stop for a moment to let that sink in, I am struck by how much I take for granted.  As I prepare for this Thanksgiving week and the impending Christmas season, I want to remember to be grateful.  Not just thankful for the big things or the easy things, but grateful for the little things, the annoying things, and the "blessings" that each day brings.    

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Anything in particular you are grateful for this week?