Guest Post: Beyond the Registry, 5 Great Gifts for a New Mom

 I don't know about you all, but I am going to a baby shower (or two) almost every weekend, visiting a new baby in the hospital at least once a month, and taking meals to friends with new babies constantly.  I love every minute of celebrating these new arrivals, but since I don't have kids of my own, the world of baby gifts and post-baby meals is a bit of a mystery to me!  I often find myself thinking there should be a guide for non-mom friends to know what a new mom really wants/needs in those first few months after a baby is born.  

That's why I'm so excited that Annie is guest posting for us today!  Annie is one of my friends from college (she was actually my advisor for Dance Marathon waaaay back in the day), and she is mom to two adorable little girls.  Annie knows first hand what will make new moms feel extra special and loved.  Thanks for guest posting today, Annie.  I learned so much from this post, and I know others will enjoy it too!

Hi!  I am so excited to be a guest on Ann Elliott this week. I'm a full-time working mom of two lovely little girls -  2 1/2 years and 3 months. Since we are still in new baby mode, I am here to help you with a few small items that can be a nice addition to a baby shower gift or a bonus gift for a friend once baby arrives. 

Take Along Tunes

 Baby Einstein Take Along TunesWe are an "on the go" couple so when our first daughter arrived we still wanted to be out and about. This was hands down our favorite toy for the first year since it was easy to bring along and made for a very happy and distracted little one. We often joke that those songs were our family soundtrack for awhile. This handheld music player with lights got us through our daughter's first flight at 4 1/2 months, a road trip to Tennessee at 10 months and many dinners out. It's the perfect size to toss in the diaper bag and has volume control which is a plus those around you. My husband even endorses this baby gift so new dads will love it too.

 Reuseable "snack" bags from EcoHipThis bag was a great find at the Riverside Arts Market but EcoHip items can easily be purchased on Etsy. It works great in early months to keep pacifers clean in the diaper bag and for us it transitioned as a crayon bag for the toddler stage. I am sure it works great for snacks too! There are tons of great fabric choices and I love that most of the prints don't scream "baby". Another great option is Itzy Ritzy. I hear, through the mommy grapevine, that the larger bag makes a great swimsuit "wet" bag for the summer.

burp cloths

Burps cloths and bibsEvery new mom needs less laundry and extra burp cloths and bibs are a step in the right direction! For cost and function I love these flatfold cloth diapers from Gerber. For function and lovely designs, I love all things Aden + Anais! For bib and burpcloth combined go with these. For bibs that grow with baby check out these.  

nursing tank
Nursing TankEvery mom loves to receive a gift to celebrate their new addition but sometimes it is nice to get something that is really just for mom herself. If you are giving a gift to a mom that plans to breastfeed, this is the best clothing item out there (in my humble opinion). Best of all you can get it at Target.  They are cute, comfy and very convenient. Toss in a new nail polish, lip gloss or pair of comfy socks so she feels extra pampered.


Gift card: You can't go wrong with a gift card. Here are a few options to bypass the typical Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby.
  • Restaurant: Mom and dad might be ready to get out with their newest family member.  Or consider a location with convenient take out options.  You can't go wrong with this one!
  • Etsy: It is truly beautiful baby item galore! Maybe she would like to order a personalized nursery décor item  or pick out her own fabric design for the EcoHop reuseable bag or maybe she will wait and use it for some adorable customized 1st birthday party invites.
  • Target: I loved an indulgent solo trip to Target well before I became a mom but now this getaway is the ultimate treat! Be sure to put a note in the card that she should buy herself something that she doesn't really need while she is there too.
  • Lowe's: New babies mean new projects whether it's hanging pictures in the nursery, organizing closet storage or building a picnic table for family dinners in the back yard. If you know a handy couple this will be a hit! 

Here a few other tips for celebrating a new baby...

Celebrate the sibling too
If the family has welcomed a second (or 3rd or 4th) baby, try to do something special for the sibling(s) as well.  Maybe it is a new hairbow or HotWheels car or if its ok with mom and dad, special treats like mini cupcakes or a gift card for a trip out for ice cream.  The big sister in our house loves to go to Sweet Frog.  It's a great reminder that it is more fun to be a big girl since babies never get to eat ice cream.  :)

Help out with a meal
Bring lunch to mom. She will love the visit and the fact that she doesn't have to load up all her baby gear or even change out of that awesome Target nursing tank that some great friend bought for her!
Bring dinner for the family. If you are more talented in the kitchen than I am, you can actually cook the meal. Maybe it is the Southern girl in me, but I think celebrating with food, home cooked or store bought is always welcome! 

Pick up a few household staples
Call or text when you head out to grocery shop or run errands and see if there are any staples you can grab to save her a trip. Be sure your message is something like, "I'm on my way to insert favorite store here, is there anything I can grab for you?"

Thanks for reading. I hope these tips make new baby gift giving as fun for you as it is for the new mom receiving the gift!

Thank you for guest posting today, Annie!  Annie doesn't have her own blog, but you can leave a comment for her here!


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