Favorite Things: Under $50

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Happy Friday!  To get you in the back to school mode, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things, sale style!  Everything here in under $50, with most items WELL below that threshold.  There are so great deals to be had, and it's never a bad idea to stock up on classics with prices this good.

To highlight a few of my favorites:

I have two pairs of these white jeans.  I bought my first pair for less than $20, and then I loved them so much I bought a second pair.  They are mostly sold out in stores, so online is the way to go.

I got this maxi dress for less than $15 recently.  It looks much nicer on that it does on this model.  Its super soft, and the length was just right on me.  I'd avoid the patterned options though - I think they look a little cheaper than the solid color in person.  

I don't own this silk top, but anything with plackets is fine by me!  You can wear it now with your new white jeans, or later with a pencil skirt or black skinny pants.  The color selection is amazing too.  

These high boys add the perfect punch to any table setting, bar cart, or even on a desk as a pencil cup.  Buy a set for yourself and a set for someone else - call it early Christmas shopping!

Enjoy the weekend!



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