Gift Guides: For the Guys

On the 6th day of December....our Christmas tree fell over....5 broken ornaments. 
 4 glass beauties, 3 homemade, 2 sad adults, and a confused and scared puuupy.   

Did you sing it in tune?!?  While I wish this was a sad version of Christmas April Fool's, it is not.  We awoke this morning to a loud crash, and in our fog, we both thought an ornament had fallen off our tree.  Imagine our surprise when we switched on the lights to see our entire tree on its side.  Christmas surprises never cease to amaze.  

AND, just in case you still need something to go under your upright tree...on with the day's regularly scheduled post.

notebook // bocce set // shoes // travel razors // sweater // collar stays 
ear phones // shirt // book // anki drive set 
guitar picks // mason jar shot glasses // socks // bow tie
I know I said shopping for little ones was tough, but in my opinion, shopping for guys is even tougher! Josh always seems to be content with what he has, and rarely wants anything for himself.  (Note: this is a wonderful trait in general, but at Christmas it can be a bit frustrating!)  As a result, I wind up scouring random shops and websites year round for unique and fun gifts for Josh and the other guys on my shopping list.  Here is my round up to make shopping for the guys a little easier this year...

I was giddy when I found these mason jar shot glasses - they are the perfect gift for almost any guy I know.  I also love these collar stays, and they can be customized too!  These travel razors are perfect- they have the shaving cream in the handle, and fun socks are a great way to jazz up that blue oxford and khakis.  Don't forget some fun for the guys as well- a mini bocce set, wooden guitar picks, or the new car racing kit from Apple are sure to please!



  1. Those mason jar shot glasses are awesome! I may toss some of those in for a couples stock the bar party I'm going to in January. Great picks!

  2. So glad you posted this! I was just looking for gifts for some men in my life and went to your blog knowing you had recently posted a few gift guides and was hoping you had one for the fellas! Hope you have a wonderful weekend love!

    1. Glad to be helpful! I am actually planning to do one more week of gift guides. I am late to the game, but I feel like now is when people are actually shopping!! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Love the idea of the pocket bocce ball set! Such a cute idea. Guys are so hard to shop for. I always feel bad because I end up giving my husband clothes every year! Glad to find a few new ideas for him under the tree this year.