musings: exploring our new city

As many of you know, Josh and I are Jacksonville natives.  We lived in North Carolina for close to six years, but we have always considered Jacksonville home.  While we have loved coming home to a familiar city, we are also painfully aware that our version of "Jacksonville" is extremely limited in scope.  We grew up a few miles apart, we live on the street that Josh lived on until he was 7 (and the street where we had our first date), and we spend most of our time in roughly 10 square miles of our home.  Ironically, this is not that uncommon here.  Jacksonville is a huge city in land size (800 square miles), but that means most people don't get to see even half of what the city has to offer.

When we moved back to Jacksonville we made a promise to ourselves that we would be deliberate about exploring our new city.  It is so easy to eat at the same restaurants, go to the same stores, and run the same routes everyday.  While it is nice that when we stay in our neighborhood we undoubtedly see some of our family or friends, we want to meet new people, try new places, and really experience everything that makes Jacksonville a great place to live.

In an effort to move outside of our comfort zone, we made a list of 50 things we want to try in Jacksonville.  Our current goal is to try one new restaurant, attraction, etc. each month and add to the list over time.

For any "Jacksonvillians" out there, please help us add to the list.  We are painfully aware that even with these 50 things, we are still missing some great spots to explore.


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  1. Great idea! Love it and can't wait to come see you in your "new" city!! xoxoxo, kk