house updates

In the past few weeks, I have finished unpacking (most) of the boxes that have been lingering around our house, and I have started attempting small house projects.  We have decided to hold off a while longer on any major changes to the house, but in the meantime, I am working on little ways to make the space feel more lived in and personal, despite a few empty rooms here and there.  

nothing like fresh flowers, framed map prints, and a gold tray to give a little life to an entry

I can't claim to be a true DIY pro yet, but I am pretty proud of my work with a little black spray paint

We will add a little height when we actually fill out planters, but I was super excited to find these in the clearance section at target.  The before picture shows the old brass lanterns that flanked the door on the day our roof was redone (sorry for the poor quality photo- this was the only picture I had of the front of our house before)
Next up: new paint and maybe a few pieces of furniture for our living room.  

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into the new space.

PS: I'm not sure why the caption on the gallery wall photo is in all caps?  Please let me know if you see other format issues when you open in your browser or device.  Thanks!

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