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As dear friends pointed out to me last week, my post on "50 new things to do in Jacksonville" should have us covered for the next 4 years (at the rate of one new adventure each month.)  Fear not friends, Josh and I have already checked a few things off the list, and made a few additions (see below.)  We are having so much fun I think we will be through this list in no time.  
Thanks to those who have submitted suggestions- keep em' coming!

Here are a few of our recent adventures:

I won't lie...I am SUPER excited about signing up for deliveries from Black Hog Farm.  We just got our first bundle of fresh veggies, peaches, and chicken breasts, and I am salivating thinking about what to make.  I'm not sure what it is about farm to door delivery, but in my mind everything just tastes so much better.  I'll definitely be making crispy kale this week, and I'm thinking of trying out this skillet roasted shrimp and okra  recipe, or I might just stick with classic okra and tomatoes.  Check back for recipes/reviews next week!

Jeff after a workout...Josh said, "no way" when I tried to take his picture post-workout
My brother-in-law Jeff is the owner of CrossFit West Jax, just a few miles down the street from our new house.  Josh has been through the beginner one-on-one sessions and is in his second week of regular classes now.  While I have yet to muster the strength (or courage) to try a class myself, I am very proud of Josh for giving it a try.  If you are in the area and want a tough workout with lots of people cheering you on, check out Jeff's website here.  It looks tough, but Jeff and his coaches will make you feel right at home.  

13 Gypsies is hands down the best tapas (and sangria) in Jacksonville.  The only problem we had was deciding which dishes to try, knowing we only had two people to eat everything.  Josh preferred the chorizo with pears and the citrus beef, but I LOVED the garlic shrimp, and the kale.  By an odd stroke of luck, we wound up with all three desserts on the menu, and despite our best efforts, we are still split over whether the tres leches or the bread pudding was best.  Make sure to call ahead for a reservation, and read the policy on their website about how long you have to enjoy your meal...they are serious but it's worth it!


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