long weekend and some links


And not just happy weekend, but happy LONG weekend!  We are sneaking in a mini-reunion with friends from W&L, and we couldn't be more excited.  I am savoring every minute of "summer" this weekend, as Labor Day always seems to be summer's last hurrah.  (Never mind the fact that it will be in the 90s until October in Florida!)  

Just in case you discover some extra time on your hands this weekend, check out these two videos:

The first is a little longer (20 minutes), but I promise it is worth it.  My niece sent it to me, and while I don't usually have the patience for something so long online, it was one of the most inspiring and beautiful things I have seen in a long time.  

The second is much shorter, but also amazing.  It has sparked lots of conversation about would you "be ready" if given the chance to live your dream.  

Enjoy the last bits of summer and get excited for college football's debut this weekend!  


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