spring weekend

Good Morning!  While I wish I had wonderful weekend adventures to share with you, I’m afraid the most adventurous thing I did this weekend was wear my red skinny jeans.  (Speaking of which, I LOVE these gap skimmers…so many fun colors.  I'm convinced Gap denim is the best- just as flattering as more expensive brands and at a great price point!)


It was a studying kind of weekend, and although I spent most of my time preparing for exams I can’t complain too much.  The view out of my window was gorgeous and I had the chance to sit outside on our porch to review for at least a little bit each day.  I am trying to soak up all of this beautiful weather before we head back to Florida and searing temperatures. 

reusing this picture of the blooming dogwoods in our neighborhood...this is the best I can do to explain how beautiful everything is around here!
We didn’t have a big blowout, but we did celebrate Josh’s birthday this weekend.  In an attempt to make his favorite dessert, a strawberry pie, I managed to have the wrong proportions and ingredients on FOUR different pies.  The last two turned out best (though not nearly the consistency they should be) and he has been plowing through them. 

sunday morning

sunday afternoon

knowing how much I LOVE forks left in the fridge for easy bites throughout the day...Josh left me this sweet note...still think it's gross- sorry Josher
We had low key dinners in this weekend, sushi on Josh’s actual birthday and our favorite Barefoot Contessa greek shrimp on Saturday night.  (Recipe to come tomorrow!)  I also managed to sneak in a Sunday Supper and Ice Cream date with the nieces and nephews.    
greek shrimp

how cute are they?!?  gotta love jake and david's serious lounge faces and poses!

the ice cream crew...minus may!
With just one month until I graduate from law school, I thought this quote was appropriate.  While most of my peers are headed off to law firms or clerkships, I am sticking with pursuing "alternative careers" as the Career Services Office would say.  I have loved my time at Carolina, and I can certainly say that I have seen things to startle me, met people with different points of view, and that I am proud of the last three years.  It hasn't always been easy, but I think I've made the best of my time and I feel beyond blessed by the chance to get a top-notch legal education and make wonderful new friends.  I'm not sure if I've fully grasped how quickly this chapter is coming to an end, but this quote makes me excited for whatever is next.


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