easter weekend with my peeps

Good Morning!  Did you have a fantastic weekend?  I spent most of the day Saturday writing a paper, but it paid off because I got to enjoy lots of treats and family time on Easter.

While Easter in North Carolina is wonderful, I do miss my family's traditions.  Josh and I don't have any traditions of our own for Easter, but we want to start some!  So far we have (1) eating a fresh baked good and an orange on Easter morning before church... and with that we are officially taking your suggestions for creating some Easter traditions of our own.  Help is obviously needed and much appreciated...

easter morning
Saturday was the most beautiful day I can remember in a long time.  We opened all the doors and windows in our little house and enjoyed the weather as much as possible.  As I said before, I spent most of the day writing a paper, but on my breaks I ran outside to soak up some sunshine.  We had lots of walks with Mac and enjoyed lunch outside at Merritt's, home of the best BLT in the country. 

josh and mac "at the rock" on our favorite walking route
spring flowers and merritt's blt

Easter this year seemed like the perfect chance to load up on sugar...and I did.  I made homemade scones for our Easter breakfast and then with each meal we added more treats and sugar.  I think I will be on detox for at least a month!  On another note, how cute are those cupcakes my sister-in-law May made?  They are carrot cake cupcakes topped with chocolate peeps- adorable and delicious!
cupcakes and peeps // homemade scones // easter petits fours
Sunday night we had pancake supper at the my sister-in-law's parent's house.  The Easter Bunny hid eggs for our niece and nephew in the yard and we had fun hunting for the hard-boiled gems.  That's right- hard boiled eggs- as in real ones...here's hoping we found them all?!?!

jake, maggie, and david ready to hunt / annie and maggie / josh and jake

What are your favorite Easter traditions?  Like I said, we are taking suggestions so I would love to hear from you!  Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week.  



  1. You just experienced a few of my new and old ones! Pancake breakfast(usually in the morning but has been changing with the times!) was always a big deal growing up for us at Easter-- though on a bigger scale and (if you can believe it) more chaos than yesterday with most of the church descending on our house and my dad flipping away. We've always had real eggs at our hunt, too-- my take is that everyone has a different Easter Bunny that follows their family's traditions-- that is why other families might have plastic eggs. And my new tradition is those cupcakes-- I don't even generally like carrot cake, but I like those thanks to the B. Contessa!

  2. When living in Winston we started a tradition of going to sunrise service followed by a trip to Krispy Kreme. Out kids having been goin to sunrise service since they were babies. We now get several dozen Krispy Kreme and deliver throughout the neighborhood (depending whi's in town). The Easter bunny usually hides the eggs we dyed (never hunted plastic) before we get up (or while at the service) an d leaves the baskets on the kitchen counter.

  3. You all are too cute!! Mimi is a fan!