a weekend away

Hello!  First of all, thank you for bearing with me during my week of radio silence.  Exams are over, and now only one more paper stands between me and graduation.  CRAZY!

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted that I was dreaming of vacation?  Well, that very same day, Josh and I got a phone call offering us a weekend get-away in Charlottesville, Virginia.  While the timing didn't seem ideal (it was the weekend before my two exams), it turned out to be the perfect pre-exams treat. The weekend was a mix of relaxation and activity, and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful trip.  As fair warning, there are LOTS of pictures in this post...the weekend had so many highlights and our hotel grounds were absolutely beautiful... I just couldn't help myself!
keswick hall
view from our room
rainy day by the pool

molton brown toiletries...my favorite!
Friday evening, Josh and I attended a dinner and program at Monticello.  This was the primary reason for our last minute trip, and it was an incredible experience.  After cocktails and dinner, with Monticello as our backdrop, we heard from John Meacham, the author of "The Art of Power," a new book about Thomas Jefferson.  It was a beautiful evening and an experience that neither of us will soon forget.
monticello in the rain 
 in front of monticello in the rain...we were the ONLY people taking pictures, so I think the fact that we stood in the rain in black tie for a picture earned us a few raised eyebrows and chuckles. 
tent on the lawn

centerpieces at dinner
beautiful water colored program cover 
a quick shot inside monticello after dinner...little did we know there was an entire bus of people 40 years our senior waiting for us while we explored the house...oops!
Saturday, the rain storm passed, and Josh and I spent the day relaxing and exploring our hotel.  Keswick Hall is an old manor home that has been converted into a hotel and club.  The hotel keeps bikes for guests to use while exploring the hotel, and we made good use of this amenity.  After a quick breakfast, Josh and I grabbed some bikes and went on what the hotel dubbed the "Ultimate Scenic Tour."  While it was a little more strenuous than we anticipated (hello hills of Central Virginia), it was the perfect way to enjoy an absolutely beautiful morning.
view of keswick hall with momma duck and ducklings in the foreground
sampling of the beautiful flowers that were blooming EVERYWHERE
stopping for a quick rest 
After our bike tour, we headed into Charlottesville to grab sandwiches at Josh's favorite...Bellaire Market.  We ran into multiple friends (very randomly) while we were there so we felt like we had found the local "hot spot."  We ate a very light lunch because as soon as we got back to the hotel, Josh humored me with afternoon tea.  One of my very FAVORITE things about traveling in Europe is the tradition of having tea.  When I found out Keswick Hall served an afternoon tea on Saturdays, we signed up immediately. 

tea snacks

devonshire cream, jam, lemon curd for our tea snacks

tea time

josh REALLY humoring me here...tea time and photographic evidence!
After recovering from our food coma, we headed into downtown Charlottesville for dinner.  Charlottesville has an area downtown called the Pedestrian Mall, and it was packed with people enjoying the relatively warm night, a concert, and a market of local artisans.  We found a small restaurant called Bizou and completed our day of eating, eating and eating.

shrimp and grits
Sunday morning we met up with Josh's fraternity brother D.G. and his wife Chelsea.  We grabbed bagels at Bodo's and enjoyed the chance to catch up.  We hit the road early since I had finals looming, AND, I really wanted time to stop by the J Crew Clearance store in Lynchburg.  I had only heard rumors of the store until last Sunday, and I am so glad we stopped to confirm them!  The J Crew Clearance store is not a factory or an outlet store.  It is one of a few places in the country that J Crew sends actual items and sells them at a deep discount.  I'm talking skinny jeans for $35 plus an additional 35% off for the spring sale, and an extra 15% off with my student discount.  If you are ever near Lynchburg, it is well worth the few minute drive off the highway to check this place out. 

we found kelsey and edward there as well...AND, this picture should actually be titled 3L year- kelsey had an exam the next morning and mine was 36 hours later...our 1L selves would be so proud.  
my loot...3 shirts, 2 colored denim pants, jewelry and 1 pair of blue suede shoes
While I must admit I was a little nervous to take this impromptu trip, being on the "other side" of those finals I can say I am so glad we did.  We have lots of change and transitions coming up, along with lots more studying for the bar this summer, and this weekend away was the perfect re-charge.  

Thanks for bearing with me through a long post and lots of catch ups.  I hope you all had a wonderful week and a relaxing weekend!


  1. I live so close to Charlottesville, I can't believe I have yet to get up there and explore! You mini getaway looks perfect and well deserved. I have heard about this J.crew clearance store and will definitely need to check it out now that I know where it is. I stopped by the J.Crew outlet this weekend since everything was 50% off... definitely did some damage. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Emily. You should absolutely check out Charlottesville- it is beautiful and such a fun place. The Keswick Hall tea would also be so fun for a girl's reunion, a baby shower, etc. xo

  2. Oh wow! Gorgeous pics!! Love your jcrew finds

    1. Thanks Chelsea! It was definitely worth the trip off the highway! xo

  3. I am GREEN. But so glad yall got to go! Love the pics. I want to frame that watercolor of Monticello. Maybe Josh could recreate it?! (With his one good hand!)