kitchen dreams: the little things

Happy Thursday!  Last week I posted about the elements of my dream kitchen.  While the big components are important, I also think the little things can really make or break a kitchen.  The kitchen in our current  house is literally too small for two people to stand in at the same time.  BUT, I love it because it has storage and it is functional.  I firmly believe that the largest, and most beautifully decorated kitchen in the world won't make up for a lack functionality and proper storage.

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite kitchen "extras" that I think would transform any kitchen space...

Built-ins.  I love this spice storage rack and the built in drawers for frequently used items.  This would make finding that elusive all-spice MUCH easier!

Hanging space for pots and pans.  How brilliant is this storage solution?  No more pulling all of the pans out to get to the one on the bottom!

 Pull out dog bowls.  Although our current dog bowl isn't technically in the kitchen, it is pretty close and always under foot.  Since the kitchen is the main hub for most of the house and the dog always want to be in on the action, I think having dog bowls that can be hidden away, but still in the kitchen would be AMAZING.
 Silverware specific drawers.  Do you hate plastic silverware dividers as much as I do?  I have no words for how happy this makes me...

At least one big storage space.  I showed you this picture in a previous post about home staging, and I think this is what makes our kitchen so useful.  Having one large storage cabinet with room for all of our serving pieces and extra everyday china makes even our tiny kitchen feel organized and roomy.

What other "little" things make your kitchen functional?

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