friday finds: trader joe's favorites

Happy Friday!  If you are anything like I used to be, you might avoid Trader Joe's because it is always packed.  I literally used to avoid going at all costs because I couldn't maneuver my cart and I couldn't get through the crowds to actually see the items available to buy.   In short, I was completely overwhelmed by the store.

I can't do anything about the crowds that flock there on Sunday afternoons, but I can help by sharing some of my favorite products with you.  Hopefully this will help you manage those crowds effectively and make the experience a little more pleasant.  If all else fails, just remind yourself: all those people wouldn't be there if they weren't getting something great... patience and persistence pays off!

:: Hummus :: 
Hands down, this is my favorite TJ's purchase.  While tahini in regular hummus provides some "good fats," the lack of tahini in this hummus makes it light and fluffy.  It is always in our fridge (usually with an extra backup companion) and it is the perfect spread for sandwiches or  dip for crackers or veggies.

:: Edamame Hummus ::
When I want something a little "fancier" than traditional hummus, I grab this edamame hummus.  It's the perfect savory dip for a party, and pairs well with chips, crackers, or veggies.  

:: Savory Mini Crackers :: 
This is the other item I buy in bulk at Trader Joe's.  These are the perfect little cracker for my hummus, but they are also great by themselves for snacking.  I have had lots of late classes this semester, and I make sure I always have a snack bag of these crackers with me to munch on when my stomach starts to growl.  (My classmates appreciate that they are small, quiet, and don't take up valuable desk space!)

:: Dark Chocolate Bar ::
When I want a sweet fix at the end of the night, I grab a square...or two... of one of these dark chocolate bars.  I love the toffee with walnuts and pecans variety, but there are tons of options to choose from.  (I have my eye on a dark chocolate sea salt variety for next time.)  Just as a heads up, these are at the check out "end caps" so you can grab them while you are waiting in line!

:: Buttermilk Pancake and All Purpose Baking Mix ::
I blogged about this mix a few weeks ago when I shared a recipe for fruit scones.  I must admit I bought this box with the intention of making pancakes one morning, and it wasn't until I was going through our pantry pre-Easter that I noticed that this box had recipes on the back for TONS of other goodies- not just pancakes.  With this box alone, you can make pancakes, scones, chocolate chip cookies, or biscuits.  While that doesn't make me feel great about serving pancakes for breakfast (it's just a modified form of a cookie apparently?!) it is nice to have that much variety in one little box.  

:: Trader Joe's Cheeses ::
This picture is a little deceiving because it is meant to showcase that TJ's has a great selection of a variety of cheeses.  Their fresh ricotta is delicious, as is the goat cheese and brie.  I love the price point and they have a wonderful selection.  Make sure to stop by and browse on your next trip.

Our next city doesn't have a Trader Joe's (but rumors abound that one is coming) so I am relishing my favorite products now.  Do you have any Trader Joe's favorites that I need to try before we move?



  1. Ahhhh, to live a mile away from a Trader Joe's! I love it! Don't move, Annie and Josh! But I do hope you get a TJ in Jax (not a Thomas Jefferson, but a Trader J's) and that it is not as far away as your Whole Foods will be! In any case... I LOVE the seaweed at TJ, the tiny reeses, the veggie corn dogs, the cheap kiwi, apples already cut up for class snack, beets ready to slice and put in a salad, arugula, baby spinach and kale, and other fresh salad fixins-- contrary to what the experts might say about their produce! Oh, and did I mention the daffodils and other flowers year round that are a DEAL for a nice gift for a friend, teacher, or neighbor! And did I mention the bar selection? (Larabars, cliff cars, mojo bars, kind bars)..... OH and did I mention my latest greatest find: quinoa in the frozen section with veggies. GREAT meal and my kids like it. Amazing.

  2. I think you might be in luck. I've heard the same rumors that we may be getting a TJ's here. It is my kind of store!