thought for the week: planning

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Can't we all relate to this one?  While I do get up each morning determined to change the world and have a good time, this summer has thwarted my plans just a touch.  While I think I am in a good place with my studying, I only want to go through this process once, so I am devoting all of my time to the world of multiple choice questions, essays, and legal terms.  

That being said, while blogging is a wonderful outlet for me and something I plan to continue, my schedule may be a little off or reduced in the coming weeks.  Please know that I will be posting as regularly as I can but sometimes planning my day (and fitting in the hours of studying) will be difficult.  July is quickly approaching which means that August 1 and a return to the real world is just around the corner.  Thank you in advance for sticking with me, and as always thank you for all of the support!


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