thought for the week: love and laugh abundantly

I love this quote.  It makes me thankful for all the love and laughter we have experienced in our family as of late.  Here's a quick recap...

LOTS of laughter as we celebrated my Grandmother's 80th Birthday...
mimi's children and grandchildren...we missed you emily!
Lots of love on my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary...
love them
Laughter and fun during Rebecca's debut at the Magnolia Ball....
2013 debutantes...rebecca is in the orange in the second row 
sportin' the carolina blue bow tie and cumberbund set.

Loving Dad at a Father's Day brunch... and Father-in-Law, JF from afar

we like aviators
Lots of love to mother-in-law Peggy for her birthday
happy birthday!

AND last but not least, love to Niece, B on her birthday!
happy birthday b!  never make a funny face in a picture...you never know where it might show up!

Thankful for so much love and laughter.  


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  1. Love this post...sometimes it's so hard to remember not to take life too seriously!! You're short hair looks so great...makes me want to cut mine :)))

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