friday loves

PHEW!  We made it to Friday...its been a long last week of June, and I am anxiously awaiting July.
Call me crazy, but I just want the bar to be here and OVER and July marks the final, final stretch.  
As an aside, thank you to Josh who notified me that I am 96.8778% of the way there...counting LSAT study time, law school, internships, and now bar studying (such an MBA comment.)

In the midst of the studying, here are some of my current "loves" that are keeping me going strong...

1. Starbucks Blonde Coffee - I could drink this ALL day long with just a splash of milk.

2. Fresh flowers make the biggest difference...try an orchid next time you want flowers that last longer than a few days.  This one is going on 2 weeks plus!

3. Finding that quote on pinterest that perfectly describes my life!
And last but not least - this tumblr page devoted to the terrors of studying for the bar exam.  I literally laughed out loud for a good 5 minutes this morning when two of my friends shared this gem with me. 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. That tumblr page WAS HILARIOUS!!! Also, I wish my orchids didn't hate me so much!