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How ironic that this lesson is usually only learned retrospect?  How often have I rushed through some part of my day, week, or life (often because I wanted to be on the same time table as someone else) only to find myself reaching for the next thing once I got there?  High school, college, wedding planning, traveling, living in a new city, starting my first job, going to law school, and even my summer of studying all feel like a blur.

Though I wouldn't change my path thus far, I do wish I had taken some time to really enjoy the little things in each stage: mandated lunch breaks with friends around the tree in high school, 
hunkering down under a blanket by the fire the first winter I spent in a state that actually gets snow, having three day weekends for two years running as a law student.  

Now that we have "moved back home," I find myself wanting to rush to the next stage of my journey again.  Remodeling the house, finding the perfect job, having kids, all seem like things that need to be checked off the list...and quickly.  At times it can feel like I am falling behind as I see our friends getting promotions, having babies, or just living their "adult lives."  The reality is that life takes time. Friendships aren't born overnight, houses aren't built in a month, and the perfect job isn't necessarily going to fall into my lap.  As for kids, we all know that is a major life change and decision that shouldn't be made on anyone else's timetable.  

This is a precious stage of life.  Josh and I are surrounded by family and friends, we get to enjoy taking our time as we make our house a home, and we are blessed each day in ways we can't even comprehend.  I don't want to rush through this stage just to get to the next. Time is slipping by, but each day offers a chance to "slow down, hold on, and breath in."  Though not always glamorous or catalytic towards that next stage, I firmly believe that each day deserves to be cherished and enjoyed for all the little blessings it contains.  

How do you ensure you "slow down" enough to enjoy each stage of life? 


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