thursday's thoughts: couches

What a sound piece of advice for a Thursday morning!  While I agree with the sentiment, I have to stop myself (often) from falling into the trap of just trying to get things "finished" around the house.  Really we have a long way to go on the house, but I am so thankful for lots of years ahead to make this house the home we really want.  

While some major projects are on the back burner for now, I am trying hard to get the living room fairly furnished before Christmas rolls around.  This will be our first Christmas morning in our own house after 6 years of marriage, and I cannot wait to wake up and see our tree and stockings before bouncing between family celebrations.  

We're on a tight budget for decorating, so getting the room into shape means being creative.  There are some pieces that will definitely be more of an investment, but I am trying to become a DIY queen with pillows, curtains, and this bench makeover from Becky's blog.  (Check back for posts on these projects...can't promise success, but I am definitely going to try!)  In the meantime, we are on the hunt for a couch.  I know we want a white couch, and I love the look of tufted upholstery and nailhead, but I think it might be more reasonable to get slipcovered white pieces.

slipcovered / nailhead / tufted
I should mention that we have a slipcovered couch in the family room that definitely gets more day to day use.  Any great options out there that combine more of the pretty details with slipcovers?  Or should we just bite the bullet and invest in scotch guard?  Decisions, decisions...


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  1. I totally agree a room should feel collected!