thought for the week: living

We all do it.  Sometimes life just gets too hectic and too crazy and we go into cruise control.  We exist without really living and without really appreciating the wonderful (yet hectic and crazy) pieces of the day.  

I have been EXTREMELY guilty of existing this summer.  Anyone who has spoken to me will tell you that my mantra is "August 1."  I have been putting off exercise, cooking, decorating, and seeing friends.  If that's not just existing, I don't know what is!

While a certain amount of focus is a necessary evil of this bar exam process, I have decided that I can't let it continue to rule my everyday existence.  I will certainly still spend the majority of my days (and nights) studying, but I am also determined to enjoy the little parts life that come daily.  Somedays living might mean taking the pup for an extra walk to enjoy the new neighborhood.  Other days might mean whipping up a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough and indulging in some HGTV.  Sometimes I might get really wild and have dinner out with Josh or friends.  Whatever living means on a particular day, my goal is to enjoy each day, not just exist until August.  

I started this weekend with a run on Saturday and Sunday and the soreness of my legs is a good reminder to keep living.  What do you do to enjoy your days and really live rather than just exist?


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  1. I love this Annie! Good luck on the bar- you're going to do great!